About The PRIMcess:

Yes, well.  I am a manners crazed hag that makes people around me crazy?  Probably not the best way to go, as introductions go.  Hmmmm….I dream of living in England someday (where I will be able to properly place a Duke at the dinner table), being independently wealthy–is that a duh?  Know anyone who doesn’t dream of unlimited funds?–and being able to pat my stomach and rub my head at the same time.

I live in a shabby chic house south of Seattle, a city I love and get to talk about everyday for the paying gig.  I walk in the rain WITHOUT an umbrella, as all good locals do.  I love roses that really smell rose-y and lavender sachets for the dryer.  Though I have both, I prefer cats over dogs.  Really, I am a totally normal, totally boring wife, employee and mom of the PRIMcess-in-Waiting (PIW for short), that will use this portal as a way to educate the world as to why manners stlll matter while showing off my snarky, and somewhat dry, sense of humor.

All content ©2013 The PRIMcess.  All rights reserved.


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