Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my U.S. readers, happy Thanksgiving!  Being on the left coast, we are just getting ready to sit down to dinner here.  Today I am thankful for my family, the roof over my head, the food we are about to eat, and then food-c0ma ourselves into tomorrow, and the Seattle Seahawks.  Also being a PRIMcess, today I am thankful for the news these days that is bringing attention to the lack of civility that exists today in our world.  Maybe if enough people say that being cruel is not funny, that bullying is unacceptable, that snarky ALL THE TIME needs to stop, maybe then this world will be a little bit nicer, and we’ll all care for each other a little bit more.

My own personal hope for this evening, at about 8pm, to be exact:  That all those stores opening tonight for “Black Friday” hear crickets.  That no one gets killed trying to get a $100 T.V.  That NEXT year, these poor retail workers that are making less than $10 a hour will get to stay home with their families for the WHOLE day.  Tomorrow morning at 4am is plenty soon enough to practice the American tradition of “more stuff, more things, more, more, more.”

That, I will take seconds of, thank you very much!



It Must be Sunday…

…which is football day in The PRIMcess’s house.

And this week’s big story is the bullying of Jonathan Martin by Richie Incognito down in Miami.    Of course, this is an incident between two grown men that weigh 300 pounds, so labeling it with something we now think of as the provenance of middle school kids might be a mistake.  Martin was harassed.  The question, I suppose, in the macho NFL, was if Incognito went over the line.

The NY Times, as always, has an interesting take on the situation.


My thoughts?  Above the constant harassment that Martin went through, what does it say about the people in Miami when a white guy comes into a locker room that, by my guess, is at 60-70% African American and throws around the n-word like its cool?   Above manners, above etiquette, above civility, that word is loaded with history, all of it bad.  Especially bad in the mouth of a white man in the south.

What do you think?  Is this part of sports?  I would love to see your comments.