Speaking of “Those People”

In my Monday Manners quote this week, I had mentioned “those people.”  You know, those people who glow.  That feel like your best friend five minutes after you’ve met.  In the words of Helen Keller, those people whom you can feel their eyes twinkle via a handshake.

Today we are not talking about “those people.”  We are talking about the other type of “those people.”  Those people who judge.  Those people who think they know all about you, based on your color, or economic status, or the clothes you wear.  Those people who speak without their tongues attached to their brains.

I was scanning the ‘net today, and saw this blog post from the people over at Scary Mommy.   In it, the author talks about the surprising judgement coming from a colleague at the school where she works.  Check out the post here:


And tell me what you think in the comments below.


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