Manners in the News: Should Corporations Have Etiquette?

Hmmmmm…..I think most people these days think no.  This is the time of no brand loyalty, everyone in it, companies and consumers alike, for the bottom line only.

What if a customer had been your client for over 60 years?  What if this client had been with you as the built and grew, became a force in life, and is now on the decline of their years?  What if this customer had been with you through mergers and name changes?  Do you owe this customer anything?

Read this article about a local woman who has been with the same bank since 1951:

Let me know what you think.  Does this big ol’ bank owe this client anything?  Does this client have any right to expect different behavior?  Let me know what you think in comments.



Your thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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