A Formal Introduction: Let’s get this party started!

Every three year old knows when someone is being rude (Mommy, my friend is being MEAN to me!), even if they aren’t self aware enough to recognize the same behavior in themselves!

And everyone knows THAT person, whether you are a teen or a retiree, that just doesn’t GET it!  Gossip about mutual friends, never a please to save their life, talking with their mouth full, whatever.

Don’t be THAT person.

I live for manners.  A shaky “pwweeze” from one of my many little folk relatives will charm me far quicker than cute antics any day.  I am not talking about where to sit a Duke at the dinner table (though, if anyone is curious, I would be happy to dedicate a post to that very subject).   I love the idea that manners, and in a different form, etiquette, grease the skids of life.  They are rules of engagement that make it easier for all of us to get along.  Manners are living, breathing things, They change, from country to country and generation to generation, and most interesting from room to room.   How you act “politely” at a BBQ is completely different, yet appropriate, than how you act in your boss’s presence.

To me that give and take, that taking on of a different persona based on the circumstances, is FASCINATING!  Yes, I do realize I am a bit, shall we say, odd…  But I will save that subject for another day.    I would love to hear, and answer,  your manners and etiquette questions, so get in touch at askPRIMcess@gmail.com


Your thoughts? I'd love to hear them!

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